Super Bowl 50: The Epitome of Modern Marketing? Part 1


In case you didn’t know the 50th Super Bowl is this Sunday on February, 7th. I for one am very excited for the game. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos get a chance for redemption from last year’s devastating loss vs. Cam Newton, the NFL’s Superman, and the Carolina Panthers. Now if you’re less excited for the game and more for the ads, I feel you on that as well. As always the ads have made an early appearance on YouTube and the Internet so you can get a chance to watch them before the game.

Each year the Super Bowl is a showdown between the two best football teams in the NFL but it’s also a showdown between each of the major brands and who has the best commercial. It could be funny, emotional, thoughtful or downright wild, either way each brand wants to earn the coveted “Super Bowl Ad Championship Ring”.

I’ve linked some of my favorite recent ads below and given some commentary on them. After the Super Bowl I will post my favorite ads and declare which ad I believe won the “Super Bowl Ad Championship Ring”.

Hyundai: First Date starring Kevin Hart.

First off I am a huge fan of Kevin Hart. I think his standup is hilarious and he’s got the spazzy humor that I myself love. In this ad he is typical Kevin Hart, showcasing his classic intense stare and large, pearly white smile. He plays an over-protective Dad following his daughter on her first date. However thanks to the new Hyundai Genesis, he can track where they go for their date and follow his daughter. More importantly he can use this technology to intimidate her date. This is a funny way to show off the new technology within the Hyundai Genesis with a rising comedic star. Moving Day

This commerical features George Washington, Lil Wayne, a singing Jeff Goldblum atop a vertically lifeted piano and a church choir. Quite the ambitious set up for a smaller company but I think this was a successful ad. Jeff Goldblum sings, quite well I might add, all the benefits to using and it’s entertaining to hear and see. I don’t understand why Lil Wayne and George Washington live together, but I guess the more stars the better the appeal. Even if one of those stars was dead before apartments were around.

Squarespace: Real Talk

This Squarespace commercial has the hilarious comedy duo Key and Peele doing their signature outrageous costume and impressions. I love these guys and they’re always a good time to watch. However I don’t understand why this is a Squarespace commercial in the slightest. Besides using their tagline “Real Talk” in the background and on the laptops, Squarespace has nothing to do with this commercial. They are just trying to tie their brand to Key and Peele in hopes of gaining popularity. Hopefully they release a longer commercial that includes more of Squarespace’s product or this could be a contender for worst Super Bowl Ad.

Well those are a few ads I’ve seen so far. Can’t wait to check out all of the spots this Sunday. Make sure to check my post out after the Super Bowl to see which ads I thought were best and let me know which ads you’re most excited about!


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