Super Bowl 50: The Epitome of Modern Marketing? Part 2


In case you don’t watch TV or go on the Internet or have been in a coma since last week, you missed one of the biggest entertainment and sporting events of the year. That’s right the 50th Super Bowl. It is an American tradition to go over to whichever friend has the biggest TV, eat way too many wings and buffalo dip, drink beer and watch the commercials…*ahem*… the game. This year was no different from others except that fact I’m blogging about it this time. Now if you saw my most recent post (here) you’ll know that I showed some commercials that I was excited to watch. There were some good ones, some bad ones, some that made me cry and some that I purposely left the room during for food. Whether you’re actually a football fan or not, you enjoy the commercials. Companies shell out millions for just a 30-second ad to showcase their brand in a (choose your emotion here) way so they can get better recognition. Now I’ve seen all of the ads and I’ve come up with the ads which I thought were best. You don’t necessarily have to agree with me but if you think another ad should’ve been mentioned sound off in the comments and let me know about it.

Below I’ve ranked the Best Ad of the Bowl as well as the runners-up.

Runners-up for Best Ad:

The Bud-Light Party

Bud-Light hired comedic heavyweights Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen to be the official spokespeople of the new Bud-Light Party. It was a funny commercial and with the current political buzz going on it was quite timely. They even showcased a commercial for Spanish-speaking viewers as well. Overall it was one of the funnier commercials in my opinion but not funny enough to win it all.

Campbell’s Chunky: This One’s for Mom

This one really plucked my heart strings. I used to play pee-wee football and my mom would always make me Chunky soup after those cold autumn practices. This commercial is very relatable to a lot of mothers and their sons because they feel the same emotions that these actors showed. Messing up on the field, getting yelled at by your coach but also coming in and winning the game, plus making it to the NFL. This doesn’t happen to every player but most have their strongest supporters in their mothers. The bond between them is evident in this commercial and I definitely teared up during this one. But I never cried, so that’s why the next one is the real winner.

Best Ad of the Bowl:

Audi R8: Commander

I saw this ad before the Super Bowl and I loved it immediately. I didn’t cry the first time I saw it but I did a little during the game. Sure this is a far-fetched story but I love the fact they took an astronaut theme to the ad and it went so well with the new R8 they’re promoting. To see a retired-astronaut who’s getting into his elder years, reminiscing about when he was younger and went to space. Probably wishing he could do it again but can’t. Until his son hands him the keys of the new R8 that is. Seeing the joy light up the father’s face as he revved the R8 was inspiring and it really struck home with me as to why this was the best commercial. I laughed during it, I cried and I was inspired by the creativity of the writer’s as well as the acting. The R8 is also my dream car so that played a bit of a role in claiming this ad as “Best of the Bowl.”

There ya have it folks. If you agree with my decision, leave a comment. If you disagree with my decision, leave a comment. Everyone has an opinion, share yours!

Thanks for reading guys and I hope to have another post out in the next few days.

Peace, love and football.


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