The Bizarre Marketing Style of Kanye West

When you think of modern musicians who are pushing boundaries of the genre a few names come to mind. Beyonce. Taylor Swift. Drake. One name comes especially to mind for myself but not nearly as much as he thinks of himself. That man would be Kanye West. Now I know he has a gigantic ego and doesn’t have the greatest reputation. But I love him. I’ve always loved his music since College Dropout, and if you don’t like College Dropout we have some problems.

2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Sure he’s done some shaky things like when he interrupted T Swift at the Grammy’s and made a song literally called “I Am a God.” Yeah I’ll admit it, Kanye is a big ol’ douche. But no one can lie that his marketing is on point. Everyone knows when a new Kanye album comes out because he does these epic, artistic releases for them and everyone goes cray. After his Grammy intrusion, Kanye went on a hiatus to his home in Hawaii and created My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which was awarded Best Rap Album during the Grammy’s and is claimed to be one of the best reviewed album in years. A reason this album was so successful had a lot to do with the marketing behind it. Before Kanye announced the album, he started GOOD Friday’s to go along with his GOOD Music record label. Each Friday Kanye would release a new song for free on his website, showing fans he was making music and it was damn GOOD as well. Kanye started this weekly trend in August and followed for 15 weeks up until the release of the album. Some of these songs were used on the album but featured different artists or lacked features from other artists. Each song was received with passion from his fans and brought serious hype to the new album.

To help build anticipation for his newest album The Life of Pablo (previously named So Help Me God, SWISH and Waves) Kanye started GOOD Fridays again. However to the dismay of many fans Kanye seemed to busy to release the songs every Friday. Instead most came out more sporadically and not even on Fridays. Instead of following the release of new music for his fans available for free, Kanye seemingly spent a majority of his time tweeting to promote the new album. Kanye tweeted the original tracklist as a notebook detailing the 10 songs he was going to include on the album.


A few days later after announcing the”final” tracklist for TLOP, he released another picture on Twitter which was the actual “final” tracklist.

To send off his new album Kanye wanted to combine all of the projects he’s been working on recently so he decided to play his album through it’s entirety at his Adidas Yeezy Season 3 fashion show. That just happened to be at Madison Square Garden. That’s right Kanye showcased over 50 models donning his designs, played his newest album through his personal laptop over the speakers at Madison Square Garden and previewed the stream of the show through Tidal. On top of selling out MSG he also offered fans the chance to watch the show through multiple screenings all over the US.

Just to iterate, Kanye had an album release party at Madison Square Garden, showed off his new fashion line which was released under Adidas and in doing so sold out the entire venue. That’s three life goals all in one night. No matter your opinion of the man, you can’t argue with his marketing style cause I don’t know many artists who release a fashion line and album at the same time, while selling out one of the most popular music venues in the world.

Then when Kanye had the whole entertainment world watching for him to drop his new album, he declared the death of CD’s and released his album exclusively to Tidal, which he happens to be a co-owner of. Teasing an album with a free stream then make it one of the first album’s to be released exclusively on a digital platform.  Quite the bold move Yeezy.

If you haven’t given the album a chance, I recommend you give it a listen. I personally think it’s one of his best. Give me your opinion of the album below in the comments. I’m out fam, look for some new content coming soon especially related to music.


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