Watch the Stove: Hamburger Helping the Rap Game

April Fool’s  has become an “ad holiday”in the past few years. The day gives brands a chance to do something creative and get some brand recognition out there. This year was no different however one brand changed up the whole game with their new social media campaign they dropped.


Hamburger Helper dropped a mixtape named ‘Watch the Stove’ on their Soundcloud and they brought the fire but didn’t burn the meal. The album name was based off the album by JAY-Z and Kanye West, Watch the Throne. The album artwork is even reminiscent of the golden-decaled album. However ‘Watch the Stove’ cover is featuring the Hamburger Helper himself of course dripping in gold, showcased above.

I’m not gonna lie I kinda love the album, at least for a parody album created by a processed food company. The production for the beats is pretty solid and the lyrics are creative and full of puns about cooking and food. I’m a big fan of the lines,”hold up I told you I’m servin’ that stroganoff” and “whipping that bowl til I got carpel tunnel”. Insert flame emoji.  The titles of a few of the tracks are funny too such as “Feed the Streets” and “In Love with the Glove”. Thanks to the cleverness of the album, Hamburger Helper was trending worldwide on Twitter almost all day on April 1st. Brands will have to watch out now that food companies are trying to break into the music genre. I wouldn’t be surprised if KFC tried to drop a country album soon.

I have to say I am impressed by the ingenuity that Hamburger Helper had with their mixtape drop. It was literally one of the last brands I expected to drop a rap album but hey they’re mixing up the pot and throwing in some new flavor.

I’ve embed the mixtape below so check it out and let me know what you think of the tracks in the comments.


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