Snapchat’s Schnazzy New Update

Hey fellow humans,

If you own a smartphone you most likely have Snapchat as an app. If you were like me and doubted that Snapchat could evolve to anything more than sharing dumb pictures to your friends or using the service specifically for the one-use picture that deletes itself…looking at all you immature high schoolers out there. You’ll be surprised that with their new update you can do a whole slew of new communications methods. Check out some of the new features and help me discover some ways that they’ve gone beyond their original plan and the future they are heading towards.


Auto-advancing stories:

That’s right now when you’re scrolling through stories you barely care about now they automatically hop to the next story without a touch of the screen! Sure that’s cool and you can catch up with your homies even easier. It will also make you hop from one businesses stories to the next as well, which will be important for businesses to consider when updating their content on Snapchat. You gotta make sure it all flows and always have another one.giphy


Over 200 stickers added to private chat:

Stickers are cool, right? Sure if you’re a teenage girl who only speaks in stickers and emojis. However this is pretty similar to a change Facebook made a couple years ago when it made everyone download their messenger app to use it. A very interesting investment Snapchat…I think I see where you’re going.


Upload photos from your phone:

FINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting for this to happen since I’ve first downloaded Snapchat. Sending pictures in Snapchat no longer require you to take the picture right then and there. This might confuse some who don’t realize this change happened and get a picture from someone on vacation when you saw them earlier that day. Snapchat is implementing some changes that seem to make it less of an consistently updating conversation method to a constant conversation method.


10-second looped video and audio notes:

This is a cool update because it allows you to respond to those crazy snaps you get from your friends. Whether that be late Friday night at some random bar or when you are bored in class or at work and want to join in the fun. Yet another similar instance to what other messaging apps have implemented…giphy (1)


Phone and video calls:

That’s right you can now use Snapchat to call friends via voice or video call. Now you can seamlessly go from sending a picture of your cat acting like a crazy cat and turn it into an hour conversation about other crazy cat stories.

Snapchat pulled out all the stops in their last update and the implications will be bigger than most assume. I’ve been hinting at it to entire post but guess what?! Snapchat is no longer a photo-sharing/streaming service, they are without a doubt a fully-fledged messaging app now. This will be huge for businesses who’ve already started sharing their stories with their consumers. It will be a natural progression to use Snapchat as a messaging service that allows brands to immediately connect with their consumers with a variety of ways to do so as well. Say you got a fresh pair of kicks from Nike and upload it to your Snapchat Story. Nike can then find that user, implement their Snaps into Nike’s story and then connect with the consumer on how their shoes are working out for them. The possibilities are endless in connecting to consumers and making them feel good by being contacted by their favorite brands.

It’ll interesting to watch the way brands use this new Snapchat update to their social media mix. It also blurs the differences between Snapchat and other messaging apps such as Facebook’s Messenger. The differences between Snapchat and Facebook Messenger are few and far between. In fact check out my next blog post on the differences between the two. Tell me what you think of Snapchat’s new update and any repercussions you see coming in the near future thanks to it in the comments.


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