The War For Your Phone and Who’s Winning

If you’ve read my last post you’ll know Snapchat just released a huge new update that allows you to do so much more with the application than originally. I figured it was prudent to compare it to the current messaging giant out there, Facebook’s Messenger app. So I’m going to illustrate each of the aspects you can use in the messaging systems and see how they compare to the opposite. Place your bets now ladies and gentlemen because this is just the beginning of the War For Your Phone.

Text messaging – When Facebook (FB) first implemented it’s messaging service it was the easiest way to connect to your friends and chat super easily. They did make you download their new app just to use the messaging feature which was annoying for some but in the end it made sense. Now Snapchat (SC) allows you to send text messages to your friends but it’s not the most comprehensive feature. FB also has the capability to include gifs, images alongside the text and stickers which SC also does but only around 300 while FB has thousands at this point. FB is gonna take the cake for this one. FB – 1 | SC – 0

Picture/video messaging – This was Snapchat’s first and most vital component. It allows you to take, and now send pictures you’ve already taken. So they are about even in that regard but Snapchat has geotags, filters and a whole slew of different things you can change to the picture including drawing on it. I’ll have to give it to Snapchat for those reasons.   FB – 1 | SC – 1

giphy (2).gif

Sending money – Now if you’re like my friends and I, we hate having to split things. So it’s usually easier to just Venmo or Snapcash someone if they pay for you. It’s simple and anyone can do it once you attach your card to it. Now FB has a money transferring system, personally I’ve never used it just cause I’ve never had a reason to. Also everyone I would use it with uses the applications I just mentioned. However SC uses the same software as Square uses so it goes into/leaves your account instantly. That beats FB money system which usually takes a few days to transfer. FB – 1 | SC – 2

Phone and video calls – This is a huge update that SC implemented and competes heavily with FB’s. FB’s video calling service can be used to contact all of your friends, which are probably more people than your SC list of friends. So thanks to that and the fact that calls can be international, since FB owns WhatsApp? FB is gonna take the point for this one.     FB – 2 | SC – 2

Voice recording and messages – I honestly can’t distinguish which app does this one better. I literally just tested both and they were so similar I didn’t see any difference between the two. So I’m gonna have to give this one a tie. FB – 2 1/2 | SC – 2 1/2

BONUS ROUND – Now our two social media messaging apps are in a dead-tie over who’s best. we’ll have to look into their bonus features now since we can no longer compare them on features they share. We’ll be taking another round of bets and the stakes are doubled! Since these are smaller features they will only count as a 1/2 point for each.


Facebook – Extra Keyboards – FB Messenger has literally over 100 different keyboard extras like gifs, memes and bitmoji’s on top of sending your location with directions. Snapchat doesn’t even have these close to these capabilities…at the moment. FB for the win. FB – 3 | SC – 2 1/2

Snapchat – Stories – This is one of Snapchat’s most popular functions. Being able to take a picture/record whatever you’re doing in the present and immediately document it online for all of your followers to see has got to be one of the biggest technological achievements in the last 5 years. If someone told me that 5 years ago I would’ve slapped them in the face cause I didn’t believe them. However it’s totally commonplace now, thanks to Snapchat. If you want to do this with FB you’d have to post to your timeline and that’s not even a definite that people will see it. If you put it on your Snap Story, there’s a good chance people will watch it. FB – 3 | SC – 3

Facebook – Groups – This is the one thing that Snapchat doesn’t have. I am in about 5 consistent FB group messages usually. You’ve got a group with the homies, one with the roomies, one for the fam and of course a bunch for school projects and work. You can easily reach out to a certain number of people in seconds. This is not true for Snapchat. The only way to group people in Snapchat is to click all of their names (which takes forever) and then it doesn’t even let the group know who else you sent it too. It’s very frustrating and the overall reason Facebook Messenger wins. FB – 3 1/2 | SC – 3



I know it’s based off of my opinion and made-up scoring system but Facebook Messenger truly does have a better user experience and capabilities as a messaging app. Now that’s not to say Snapchat won’t come back with another update that sets it to a higher level. And let’s remember that Facebook is a whole 7 years older than Snapchat. Zuckerberg has a lot more to work with compared to Snapchat. We should all keep an eye on how this competition develops because I have a feeling this is just the beginning…



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