Continuing Education with Online Certifications

Are you interested in learning some new processes or becoming an expert in an online tool/platform but don’t want to pay for it? Well you should take some training certifications because there are a lot of free ones out there and they can seriously help with new jobs and increasing your valuability to your current employer. There are a lot of different certifications out there including Google AdWords, HubSpot Inbound and HootSuite Social Media tools. Which one you should get should depend on what you’re trying to learn and how it applies to your current job/job you want. Below I’m going to give a brief description of each of the certifications I’ve seen and explain how they can help you achieve more success!


Google Partners


Everyone uses Google so to become proficient in their apps is crucial for future success. Some apps like AdWords require you to sign up through their Google Partners page and then you should get some experience through the application. Of course if you’ve already used it then hop right into some quick refresher lessons and then take that exam! If you’re looking to improve your Digital Analytics then I highly recommend you check out Google’s Analytics Academy. This is a great source for information and gives you actual lessons with using the Analytics app. At the end you are able to take the test and be certified!




HubSpot is a web-based application that helps bring inbound traffic to your site and help attract the best targeted consumer to your site. They have a plethora of different certifications, some free and some required you are their partner. I recommend the Inbound Marketing Course for anyone related to the digital marketing tool. It gives some great lessons and it’s fairly easy if you understand inbound marketing, if not it’s very easy! If you are an affiliated partner you can take the HubSpot, HubSpot Design, Partner, Contextual Marketing and a couple brand new certifications, Email Marketing and Inbound Sales.


Hootsuite Podium


If you’re looking to become more comprehensive with social media marketing I highly recommend checking out Hootsuite’s Podium. Here you can learn the basics of social media marketing, Hootsuite dashboard training, and Social Media Marketing as well as Advanced Social Media Marketing. Very helpful for those who wish to increase their brand’s social presence as well as raising your rep for your own personal accounts.




Looking to learn coding? Then look no further than Codecademy. You can learn basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a whole bunch of others. I’ve started messing around with HTML and CSS and it really helps you understand websites work.




Each of the certifications above are for certain platforms. If you’re wishing for a more robust training program or you want to develop certain skills then check out ALISON. You can take diplomas in different languages, business management, personal development and a whole lot more. This site works well for the individual and for companies.

Well I hope you understand the benefits to continuing education is for revitalizing your career focus and how helpful they can be when learning new skills on the job. Hopefully the courses I’ve posted above interest you and if you know any other there I missed out o send me the link in the comments!



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