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I am Everett Ackerman, a senior in his final semester at Champlain College studying Marketing with a specialization in Advertising from Scotia, NY. The last 3 years at Champlain I have learned and experienced so much that I felt it necessary to create a blog where I can share my ideas and connect with other professionals, that and the fact that it is a class assignment. Either way I will be posting on this blog a couple times a week about a variety of subjects. Mostly I will be referencing topics related to marketing as this is my passion and I feel few topics these days are not affected by marketing.

To give you some background on my professional work, I’ve had 4 internships and a job in Champlain College Admissions throughout my college career. My internships have included being a Sponsorship/Outreach Assistant for BigHeavyWorld, Editorial Intern for Red Gate International, Digital Marketing Intern at Dealer.com, and I am currently a Web Strategy Intern at New Breed Marketing. I have also been a Student Ambassador for almost the entirety of my college career at Champlain College and I am currently in one of the leadership roles as a Tour Trainer.

Some topics I plan to delve into include music, sports, running, the rise and fall of different technological programs, movies, TV shows and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. These are some of my interests and I believe marketing affects these topics in a vast number of ways. I plan to blog about these ways and share my opinion on how successful I believe the campaign to be as well as any changes I would make.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I hope and will try to keep the content engaging and entertaining, both for you and myself so I don’t lose my mind.