Professional Value Statement

I chose Marketing as my career within Business because it’s the most entertaining and creative aspect but it also has a power to it. Marketing is developing influence, it shapes the way people think and feel about what they see. When you develop that influence amongst others you gain power, with this power comes great responsibility. We must use our power of influence to enlighten our fellow humans with the next invention, innovation or idea and do so in a creative way. We have a responsibility to our fellow humans to promote good products and show them things that will actually help society.

While promoting our products we must be respectful of the consumer and be honest with them. Nothing upsets me more than a dishonest marketer. They are abusing their power of influence and the consumer has no idea. With the natural evolution of technology affecting our lives more and more each day we must remain honest in our work. The connections between us are becoming deeper and deeper. We are on the precipice of using these connections for immoral ways, in doing this we fail the consumer. We can fail the consumer easily in a few ways and in some ways we already have failed them. We’ve persuaded them to give us their personal data and used it to better position our content without their consent. As marketers we must take responsibilities for our actions because in our influence we help define what communities and cultures deem acceptable.

It is easy to tread from the path of moral correctness when there is a simple solution, even if that solution questions your personal ethics. If we are to be a stable, successful society we must create an environment to evolve and implement new innovative ways of living. Marketing will be a key factor in this coming environment. It is my career mission to ensure we do not fail the consumer. I have a vision for a better future that consumers are well informed about each product, have their own influence over what they wish to purchase and how marketers reach out to them. I will strive through my career to reach this vision.